Tamiya 56314 KNIGHT HAULER

Tamiya 56314 KNIGHT HAULER
Manufacturer: Tamiya
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Overall length: 630mm, Overall width: 186mm, Overall heigth: 295mm, Truck weight: about 3.1Kg

About the Tractor Truck Knight Hauler
This new 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Trucks Item features an originally designed truck body. Hood, large roof spoiler, interior, and lights (clear orange parts), which have been artistically rendered in exquisite detail. Grill, tank, exhaust and steps have been beautifully rendered with metal plated parts. Kit includes stickers and 540 motor. 7.2V battery pack and R/C system are sold separately.
*Pictures show prototype.

About the Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit
Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control UnitTamiya presents incredible sound and action options for the Tractor Truck Knight Hauler or any 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck with the all-new R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit. This system, when mounted on the truck is located inside the cabin with speaker to the front and the MFC-01 unit to the rear. The control unit is mounted inside the left tool box for easy access.
4-channel R/C systemA 4-channel R/C system activates all functions
By using the transmitter sticks and the trims you can control the truck movements (forward/backward running and turns) and also the horn, the support legs when item 56505 Motorized Support Legs is mounted (sold separately), the headlights, position lamps, roof lamps and speed indicators. You can also activate the back lamp, tail lamps and blinkers/hazard lamps as well as engine revving.
20 LED for 9 light functions
All lamps employed with the multi function unit are high brightness type LED. They are employed to reproduce headlights, position lamps, roof lamps, speed indicators, fog lamps, back lamp, tail lamps and blinkers/hazard lamps, which can be turned on/off with the transmitter.

White LEDHeadlights Fog lamps Position lamps Back lamp
Orange LEDRoof lamps Blinkers Hazard lamps Speed indicators
Red LEDTail lamps

24 Radio-Controlled Sound Effects
The multi function unit offers 24 radio-controlled sounds that have been digitally recorded from an actual tractor truck. The R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit is capable of the following functions:

EngineEngine starter Idling Revving Running with semi-trailer Running without semi-trailer Engine stop
AirAir dryer Up-shifting Down-shifting Air discharging 1 Air discharging 2 Short horn Continuous horn Parking brake
Electric soundsAlarm 1 Alarm 2 Turn signal 1 Turn signal 2 Hazard Back alarm
Exhaust brakeExhaust brake
CouplerCoupler attachment Coupler detachment

The Multi-Function Control Unit mounted on the Knight Hauler

Click on pictures to enlarge them and have captions
(Pictures show assembled and painted model).

HeadlightMufflerSpeakerControl unitVibration unit
SuspensionTiresCouplerTail lampChassis

The Knight Hauler can be equipped with 4 different semi-trailers (available separately)
The Knight Hauler can be equipped with 4 different semi-trailers (available separately)Tamiya proposes 4 different semi-trailers that can be adapted to the Knight Hauler: A boxcar semi-trailer, a tank-trailer, a flatbed semi-trailer and a pole-trailer. When coupled with the Knight Hauler, you obtain a 1m long realistic truck. When using the multi function unit, which contains an electronic speed controller, you can run your truck very slowly. With sound and light effects, you will swear this is an actual truck.
Boxcar Semi-TrailerTank-TrailerFlatbed Semi-TrailerPole-Trailer
Boxcar Semi-Trailer

ITEM 56302

ITEM 56303
Flatbed Semi-Trailer

ITEM 56306

ITEM 56310

Dark Mica Blue
Tamiya Color Spray For The Knight Hauler

TS-64 Dark Mica Blue

ITEM 85064

Basic specifications of the Knight Hauler
Total length: 630mm, Total width: 186mm, Clearance: 19mm, Weight Fully-Equipped: about 3,1kg (without multi function unit) Wheelbase: 476mm Tread F/R: 156/138mm Chassis Material: Aluminum and polycarbonate plastic Chassis Shape: Ladder Type Frame Suspension: Front and Rear Rigid Axle w/Metal Leaf Springs Caster Angle-F/R: 0deg/0deg Camber Angle-F/R: 0deg/0deg Toe Angle-F/R: 0deg/0deg Damper: F/R Aluminum Dummy Dampers Drive train: 2-axle Transmission: 3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter) Gear Ratio: 1st gear 32.49:1, 2nd gear 17.76:1, 3rd gear 10.66:1 Diff. gear system: F/R Bevel Gear Diff Motor: RS540 (standard in the kit) Tire Width: F/R both 22mm Tire Diameter: F/R both 88mm Requires eight R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter (sold separately).