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Enjoy low wing flight in style with this replica competition model addition to the Calmato lineup.

Enjoy the perfect introduction to low wing flight with optimal maneuverability for loops, rolls and other stunts with this new addition to the Kyosho Calmato α 40 Sports lineup. Calmato series DNA runs thick in this model to deliver unrivaled stability. Film covering is upgraded from PVC to superior quality reverse-side printed Toughlon which delivers both improved durability and lighter weight. Urethane clear coating can also be applied to prevent wrinkling over long time periods and unlike PVC films, dry-type cover film can also be applied for damage repairs. The fuselage features the Calmato’s unique EP/GP convertible design that requires no gluing to dramatically reduce assembly time. New coloring pattern allows coloring on upper and lower surfaces to be changed to improve visibility when flying. The exquisite finish replicates competition model standards and provides an ideal step up for beginners to the sporty performance of low wing flight.

●Designed for easy maneuverability for an ideal introduction to low wing airplane flight.
●Covered in lightweight Toughlon film that is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than PVC film.
●Convertible design allows choice of preferred power source, electric motor (EP) or gas engine (GP).
●Glueless design requires no adhesives to complete.
●Main wing halves are joined by aluminum pins and can be separated for easy transportation.
●Vertical stabilizer, servo bed, aileron and rudder are all pre-installed.
●Use of 4-cell 14.8V Li-Po battery enables powerful flight.
●Lightweight structure of the balsa fuselage provides calm and easy flight characteristics.
●Comes with pre-assembled fuel tank.
●Flexible pipe linkage rods for rudder and elevator are pre-installed.
●Equipped with pre-installed fuel tank.
●Includes spinner, linkage parts set and lightweight sponge tires.
●Includes pre-assembled and pre-painted pilot figure.

Advanced glow fuel resistant Toughlon film covering is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than normal PVC film.

Convertible design allows either electric motor or glow fuel engine to be used as power source. If you prefer quiet flight with no oil mess, choose the EP specification.

If you like the sound of the exhaust note and feeling the power of an engine, choose the GP specifications.

Main wing halves are joined with aluminum pins, and independent left & right aileron servos enable compact transportation.


■Length 1400mm
■Width 1600mm
■Weight EP/2,550g (approx.), GP/2,450g (approx.)
■Motor 600-1000W BL Motor (sold separately)
■Engine 2 Cycle 40-46 class engine (sold separately)
■Battery (EP) 14.8V-4,000-5,000mAh Li-Po battery (sold separately)
■Main Wing Area 44dm2
■Wing Loading 55.7-55.9g/dm2
■Airfoil Original semi-symmetrical
■Propeller size D11 x P7-D12 x P8 (sold separately)
■Tire size Nose 60mm / Main 60mm
■Dihedral 2.5°
■Side Thrust 2°
■R/C system (EP) 4ch, 4 servo, 1 ESC (sold separately)
■R/C system (GP) 4ch, 5 servo (sold separately)

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