Hobbywing 30401142 XeRun V10 G4 21.5T Competition Stock Sensored Brushless Motor

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Tested and developed together with World and European champions

Built for the ultra-competitive Stock racing category around the world, the XeRun V10 G4 motor has all the winning formula you need to win a race. The V10 G4 motor has been tested and developed intensively by our factory drivers such as Spencer Rivkin, Jan Ratheisky and Max Machler to give the ultimate performance.

The new generation of the V1O G4 motor is greatly optimized. The stator is redesigned for higher efficiency and is equipped with an ultra-high grade custom magnetic ring rotor to provide maximum torque output and an increase in output power by 5%.

The internal resistance is reduced by about 4%,resulting in a more efficient and cooler temperature of the motor.

The motor adopts a fully exposed stator core and is directly exposed to the air for excellent heat dissipation. The outer diameter is maximized to increases the stator heat dissipation area by 25.6% compared to the v10 G3R motor.

The motor is equipped with a high-precision endbell plate. lt uses high quality structural components to greatly improves the consistency and structural stability of the power output at all times

The motor adopts modular structural design, which is convenient for daily maintenance. This effectively prolongs the service life of the motor and maintains the efficiency of the motor.

The dual output socket at the rear of the motor is designed to meet various wiring needs. The customized dust plug is provided to prevent the unused socket from having dirt entering.

The 13.5T-21.5T motor is equipped with a super magnetic rotor (PN308204445) as standard at the factory. This is the most suitable rotor for “Blinky” Stock racing applications. The optional magnetic rotor (PN 30820416) is better suited for BOOST competition applications, with higher power output and lower motor temperature for BOOST competition applications, with higher power output and lower motor temperature.

Optional Rotor is available.

High quality material and advanced design in the industry.

  • The outlet terminals adopt custom-widened U-shaped gold-plated curved copper strips with extremely low internal resistance, and increase the gap between the copper strips, which makes it easy to weld.
  • Large open hole structure at the rear of the motor provides excellent heat dissipation effect for end plate components.
  • The use of high-performance and high-quality stator, high temperature resistant wire(200°C), high temperature resistant explosion-proof rotor(180°C), international grade bearings
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Brushless: Yes
  • Sensored: Yes
  • Pole Count: 2
  • LiPo Cells: 2-3S
  • No-Load Current(A): 3.0
  • Outer Diameter: 35.8mm
  • Length: 51.4mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
  • Weight: 148g
  • Front Bearing: 9x4x4
  • Rear Bearing: 8x3x4
  • Timing: 30-60 Degrees(Adjustable)