Gold Wing GW-CU351D Extra 300L 50-60cc 91"

Gold Wing GW-CU351D Extra 300L 50-60cc
Manufacturer: Gold Wing Planes
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WING SPAN:91" (2310mm)

FLYING WEIGHT:16.5-17.8lbs (7500-8100g)

Recommended options:

ENGINE:50-70cc gas DLE55 DLE61 DA50 DA60 GP61

Electric Power:

Hacker Q80-8m with 12S 5000mah 24*10 prop
Or other 4000Watt electric motor
ESC: 160A


Servos:  5-6 servos required 180 oz to 330 oz (11-20kg/cm) JR 8911,Savox 1256

Goldwing RC is always keeping the pace with the latest developments in aerobatic flight. The new V4  version of  SU26M 50CC  has the following Improvements:

1.Control services is larger than V3 version. Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces. Best for more vibrant aerobatic flight.

2.Packed in strong honeycomb board cartoon. Better protection during transportation.

3.Improved carbon fiber tail wheel assembly, using CNC machined metal parts including aluminum tail wheel hub.

4.Improved wheels with aluminum hub, built with more durable materials, and filled with rubber.

5.Using high quality cap head screws.

6.Spare covering included in the package. Convenient for repair.

7.Improved ball link assembly.

8.Upgraded to carbon fiber control horns

9.Increased diameter carbon fiber wing tube over previous versions.

10.Improved axles the material of the axle is stainless steel.

11.Include Side Force Generalor's (SFG)

12.This V4 new design with a longer fuselage moment arm aiding the tracking of the model,giving it rock sold precision flight.Making it perfect for modern day flight schedules for IMAC and Freestyle competitions.

13.The Extra is designed to directly accommodate KUZA rudder servo tray.

14. Including new KUZA Fuel Tank Assembly with aluminum tank cap.