VS Racing B01 VS-B01-2135HD "Rody" Modified Competition Engine with EFRA 2135HD Pipe

VS Racing B01 VS-B01-2135HD "Rody" Modified Competition Engine with EFRA 2135HD Pipe
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The VS Racing 2101B Competition Off-Road Buggy Engine is a super long stroke .21 off-road engine is based on the powerful O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec II. By combining the experience, precision and technology of world famous OS Max engines, with additional tweaks and changes from the mind of legendary Rody Roem, the 2101B delivers a balance between high performance, reliability and cost.

The biggest changes can be found in the crankshaft and the combustion chamber. The 14mm turbo crankshaft and turbo head button have been "Rody Modified". This includes balancing, porting, lightening and silicone ramping the crankshaft intake. The VS Racing 2101B is best suited for high competition 1/8 scale off-road racing and is recommended for "EXPERIENCED" users.


  • Long Stroke
  • Specific 3 Ports design
  • CNC machined flat piston
  • 14mm turbo crankshaft - 'Rody Modified', balanced, ported, lightened and silicone ramped
  • Competition Conrod
  • VS Spec turbo combustion chamber
  • 14mm high-speed main bearing
  • 7mm high-speed front bearing with rubber protection
  • VS Spec. lightweight cooling head
  • VS crankcase
  • VS spec. aluminum lightweight slide carburetor with double adjustment
  • 6.5mm aluminum venturi 

Contents: .21 (3.49cc) 
Bore: 16.27mm 
Stroke: 16.80mm 
Crankshaft: 14mm SG/SPT (buggy) 
Main-Bearing: 14mm High Speed 
Front-Bearing: 7mm High Speed 
Cylinder: ABC 
Ports Intake: 3 
Exhaust Port: 1 
Carburetor: Neck 15mm VS Spec. 
Cooling-Head: Light Off-Road 
Head Button: VS Spec for conical(Turbo) glow plug 
RPM: Max Power @ 30K RPM (4-40K RPM range) 
Weight: 355Gr


Hipex 2135 Terra HD .21 Off Road Tuned Pipe Set. This package includes an L50 HD manifold, as well as the gaskets and springs needed to assemble one complete tuned pipe.  


  • 3 chamber EFRA homologated pipe for .21 engines
  • Pipe 2135 TERRA with HD treatment for a better resonance and long life
  • The HD treatment involves a hardening of the material and consequently improves the resonance
  • The external cleaning is much easier
  • Includes exhaust gasket, set screw and three short springs
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