M425017AXW MRS Flight Control Circuit Board

M425017AXW MRS Flight Control Circuit Board
Manufacturer: Align
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Instruction: Specification:
●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.
●A flight controller born from the intrgration of cutting edge electronics and innovative information technology. Utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor, combining ESC, power distribution systen, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity, and gimbal control function. Featuring high precision 6-axis gyroscopic sensor and barometric sensor. Drived from Align's core technology, the highly intelligent attitude calculation subroutine results in a highly stable and reliable performance.
●Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power long distance high speed transmission.
●Live Flight data display including flight time, mode, attitude, voltage, capacity, current, camera mode, recording mode, and low voltage warning.
●High intensity LEDs. With RGB colors customizable through smartphone app.
●Input Voltage: 10V ~ 16.8V
●Operating Frequency: 800HZ
●Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C (-4°F ~ 149°F)
●Maximum Angular Speed: Aileron/Elevator 400°/sec, Rudder 45°/sec
●Maximum Tilting Angle: 80 degrees
●Supports Multicopter Configurations: MR25, MR25P
●MRS Flight Control Circuit Board x 1
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