Kyosho 11238R CALMATO Alpha 60 Sports EP/GP RED

Kyosho 11238R CALMATO Alpha 60 Sports EP/GP RED
Manufacturer: Kyosho
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Big airplane fits neatly into trunk of a car! Separable fuselage and main wing make it easy to transport!

Convertible between EP and GP versions! Ideal introduction to real low wing flight!

Generally speaking, the larger an airplane is the more stable it flies through the air and therefore the easier it is for beginners to fly. However, the constraints of available flying space and transportation meant the choice of large airplanes for beginners was limited. With the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports, the steady flight of a large 60-class airplane provides an ideal introduction to low wing flight. In addition, the unique separable fuselage structure with removable tail plane and detachable main wing halves make transporting this airplane easy and convenient. The fuselage and main wing are easily separated and reassembled through an aluminum pipe that provides a simple yet high-precision structure with exceptional strength and rigidity. This produces reliability in control response for ideal stunt technique training for loops and rolls etc. For a large airplane the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports condenses down so neatly it can be stored in the trunk of a compact car with room to spare, even with the full set of equipment included. Employing a symmetrical airfoil, the large wing area combines with its light wing load to produce superior lift, which combines with the direct linear response to steering input of a large airplane to provide a superior introduction to low wing airplane flight. In addition, the choice of flying electric or gas engine is left with the owner and parts for both power trains are included. This ARF kit includes a fully factory assembled fuselage that is expertly covered in printed film and finished with detailed graphics as well as pilot figure and canopy. Motor mount, cowling for electric motor version, engine mount and silicone tubes, fuel tank, tires and linkage parts are all included and the high-precision construction can be completed in a short time with no gluing required. To experience the best of big scale flight with the flier-friendly characteristics of a 60-class, the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports is the ultimate choice.

Factory assembled fuselage is covered in vivid printed film. Lightweight design realizes steady control response and maneuverability.


Includes mount for backplate mounted outrunner motors and cowling for electric version.


2-cycle 60-65 engines can be mounted just by making mounting holes. Interior is coated in fuel-resistant paint.

Separate structure of the fuselage is joined through 3 aluminum pipes that allow the airplane to be compacted for easy transport and storage.


The main wing halves are also separable through pins on the aluminum pipes. In addition to the separable fuselage structure, this allows a 60-class airplane to be stored in the trunk of a small car.


Horizontal tail wing can be attached or detached with just 2 bolts, contributing to its compact storage features. Fixing section is already complete so no difficult steps remain.

Elevator and rudder servos are mounted in front of tail fin. This not only makes linkage setup easier but also minimizes deflection.


Equipped with independent nose gear steering servo. Connection to rudder servo realizes reliable control on the ground.


Hatch on top of the nose section allows easy access to the fuel tank and battery for convenient maintenance.

  • Separable fuselage, main wing halves and tail wing allow this 60-class airplane to be compacted into a 20-class size.
  • Convertible design enables both EP and GP power sources to be used.
  • Almost fully factory assembled and requires no gluing.
  • Features pre-installed vertical tail, servo bed, ailerons, rudder and elevators.
  • Lightweight balsa structure enables steady flight.
  • Aileron servos are equipped on each wing. A radio system with mixing mode can control flaps, flaperon and spoileron.
  • Nose gear equipped with steering servo.
  • Includes mounts for both EP and GP power sources, 430cc fuel tank, linkage parts and lightweight sponge tires.


Required for operation (Not included) >

  • R/C System/4+ ch 5-servo + ESC (EP), 6-servo (GP)
  • Motor/800 - 1200W class backplate mount outrunner brushless (sold separately)
  • Engine/2-cycle 60-65
  • Propeller/D12xP6 - D14xP8 (EP) D12xP6 - P8 (GP)
  • 100mm extension Y connector x 2, 300mm extension cord x 2 (for aileron servos)/500mm extension cord x 2 (for rudder and elevator)
  • 14.8V-5000mAh Li-Po battery (EP)
  • Fuel, starting tools (GP)
  • Batteries for R/C system (also required for receiver if ESC is not using BEC power)
  • 52 - 70mm spinner
  • Recommended EP power unit set/battery: No.66801 Team ORION Avionics Flight Pack 50 for airplanes (incl. motor, ESC, propeller)/No.ORI60080 Team ORION Avionics Li-Po 5000 18.5V (35C)
Technical Data
EP / 3,900g approx. GP / 3,700g approx.
800-120W class backplate mount outrunner brushless (sold separately)
2-cycle 60-65 class (sold separately)
14.5V-5000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
Wing Area
Wing Load
Wing Type
Original semi-symmetrical
D12xP6 ~ D14xP8 (sold separately)


This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo.